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Superscript (eˣ) and subscript (aₙ) notations aren't available for some characters. If the notation is not available, we'll replace it with equivalent text, like "e^(x)".


To type symbols, use the built-in buttons or type "\" to enter a symbol code manually (not available on mobile yet).
Symbol codes are available in the following section.


\nabla 𝜕\partial \circ ±\pm \mp ÷\div \ast \cdot ×\times \dotplus \dotminus Δ\inc \Delta \oplus \ominus \otimes \oslash \odot \ocirc \oast \odash \boxplus \boxminus \boxtimes \boxdot \diamond \star \leftthreetimes \rightthreetimes \sqrt \rt3 \rt4 |\mid \nmid

Sums and Integrals

\sum \osum \doubleSigma \int \iint \iiint \oint \oiint \oiiint \clockwiseint \anticlockwiseint \clockwisecint \anticlockwisecint \iiiint \squareint \circdotint \barint \underbarint \overbarint \capint \cupint \timesint \bbarint \slashint \leftarrowint

Arrows and Shapes

\rightharpoon \rightharpoondown \leftharpoon \leftharpoondown \rightleftharpoons \leftrightharpoons \rightarrow \leftarrow \downarrow \uparrow \Rightarrow \Leftarrow \Downarrow \Uparrow \Rightleftarrow \lightning \nRightarrow \triangleup \triangleright \triangledown \triangleleft \vdots \cdots \iddots \ddots \bigcirc \lozenge


\lceil \rceil \lfloor \rfloor \bra \ket


\sim \leq \geq \leqq \geqq \lneqq \gneqq \ll \gg \prec \succ \preceq \succeq \nprec \nsucc \lll \ggg \neq \approx \doteq \circeq \Deltaeq \equiv \propto \cong \backsim \nsim

Greek Letters

Α\Alpha Β\Beta Γ\Gamma Ε\Epsilon Ζ\Zeta Η\Eta Ω\Omega Ι\Iota Κ\Kappa Λ\Lambda Μ\Mu Ν\Nu Ξ\Xi Ο\Omicron Π\Pi Ρ\Rho Σ\Sigma Τ\Tau Υ\Upsilon Φ\Phi Χ\Chi Ψ\Psi α\alpha β\beta γ\gamma δ\delta ε\epsilon ξ\zeta η\eta θ\theta ι\iota κ\kappa λ\lambda μ\mu ν\nu ο\omicron π\pi ρ\rho σ\sigma τ\tau υ\upsilon φ\phi χ\chi ψ\psi ω\omega

Sets and Logic

\sqCap \sqCup \simeq \sqsubset \sqsupset \sqsubseteq \sqsupseteq \nsqsubseteq \nsqsupseteq \sqcap \sqcup \bigcap \bigcup \in \notin \ni \notni \setminus \cap \cup \subset \supset \nsubset \nsupset \subseteq \supseteq \nsubseteq \nsupseteq \subsetneq \supsetneq \udot \uplus \Subset \Supset \Cap \Cup Ø\emptyset \aleph \bet \exists \nexists \forall \wedge \vee \bigwedge \bigvee ¬\neg \vdash \dashv \top \bot \vDash \Vdash \veebar \curlyvee \curlywedge \frown \smile \pitchfork \wr \between


\angle \measuredangle \sphericalangle \rightangle °\deg \parallel \nparallel \perp \ell ħ\hbar \\\

Fraktur Script

𝔞\fraktura 𝔟\frakturb 𝔠\frakturc 𝔡\frakturd 𝔢\frakture 𝔣\frakturf 𝔤\frakturg 𝔥\frakturh 𝔦\frakturi 𝔧\frakturj 𝔨\frakturk 𝔩\frakturl 𝔪\frakturm 𝔫\frakturn 𝔬\frakturo 𝔭\frakturp 𝔮\frakturq 𝔯\frakturr 𝔰\frakturs 𝔱\frakturt 𝔲\frakturu 𝔳\frakturv 𝔴\frakturw 𝔵\frakturx 𝔶\fraktury 𝔷\frakturz 𝔄\frakturA 𝔅\frakturB \frakturC 𝔇\frakturD 𝔈\frakturE 𝔉\frakturF 𝔊\frakturG \frakturH \frakturI 𝔍\frakturJ 𝔎\frakturK 𝔏\frakturL 𝔐\frakturM 𝔑\frakturN 𝔒\frakturO 𝔓\frakturP 𝔔\frakturQ \frakturR 𝔖\frakturS 𝔗\frakturT 𝔘\frakturU 𝔙\frakturV 𝔚\frakturW 𝔛\frakturX 𝔜\frakturY \frakturZ

Blackboard Script

𝔸\mathbbA 𝔹\mathbbB \mathbbC 𝔻\mathbbD 𝔼\mathbbE 𝔽\mathbbF 𝔾\mathbbG \mathbbH 𝕀\mathbbI 𝕁\mathbbJ 𝕂\mathbbK 𝕃\mathbbL 𝕄\mathbbM \mathbbN 𝕆\mathbbO \mathbbP \mathbbQ \mathbbR 𝕊\mathbbS 𝕋\mathbbT 𝕌\mathbbU 𝕍\mathbbV 𝕎\mathbbW 𝕏\mathbbX 𝕐\mathbbY \mathbbZ 𝕒\mathbba 𝕓\mathbbb 𝕔\mathbbc 𝕕\mathbbd 𝕖\mathbbe 𝕗\mathbbf 𝕘\mathbbg 𝕙\mathbbh 𝕚\mathbbi 𝕛\mathbbj 𝕜\mathbbk 𝕝\mathbbl 𝕞\mathbbm 𝕟\mathbbn 𝕠\mathbbo 𝕡\mathbbp 𝕢\mathbbq 𝕣\mathbbr 𝕤\mathbbs 𝕥\mathbbt 𝕦\mathbbu 𝕧\mathbbv 𝕨\mathbbw 𝕩\mathbbx 𝕪\mathbby 𝕫\mathbbz 𝔸\doubleA 𝔹\doubleB \doubleC 𝔻\doubleD 𝔼\doubleE 𝔽\doubleF 𝔾\doubleG \doubleH 𝕀\doubleI 𝕁\doubleJ 𝕂\doubleK 𝕃\doubleL 𝕄\doubleM \doubleN 𝕆\doubleO \doubleP \doubleQ \doubleR 𝕊\doubleS 𝕋\doubleT 𝕌\doubleU 𝕍\doubleV 𝕎\doubleW 𝕏\doubleX 𝕐\doubleY \doubleZ 𝕒\doublea 𝕓\doubleb 𝕔\doublec 𝕕\doubled 𝕖\doublee 𝕗\doublef 𝕘\doubleg 𝕙\doubleh 𝕚\doublei 𝕛\doublej 𝕜\doublek 𝕝\doublel 𝕞\doublem 𝕟\doublen 𝕠\doubleo 𝕡\doublep 𝕢\doubleq 𝕣\doubler 𝕤\doubles 𝕥\doublet 𝕦\doubleu 𝕧\doublev 𝕨\doublew 𝕩\doublex 𝕪\doubley 𝕫\doublez


\sharp \flat \infty \permil \pertt